Lacrosse Europe Cup Trip

Athletes Grades 8-13


Cup 2018 Dates Depart: Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018 Return: Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2018

Cup 2019 Dates Depart: Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019 Return: Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019


Cup Trip Overview


The NAST ( North American Select Team ) prides itself in representing our continent with great athletes as well as great people. These two criteria make our selections much different than most. Further, we do not have tryouts for this program but want athletes to know from across the continent that their dream of playing internationally is just a phone call or email away. I do have to admit that we are very, very selective on who we do take and generally do some follow up – normally not on the ability of the athlete but on her social skills, ability to get along with people, personality, etc.!

The support group for this particular team is tremendous.  For Cup 2018, we are taking 2 teams of 10 athletes, and 60+ Adults.  Each athlete is afforded  the opportunity to invite who they wish (parent, sibling, ect.) to accompany them on this trip.

The Staff of the North American Select Team handles everything from leaving a gateway city, hotels, flights, motor coach, uniform tops, metro pass for touring, etc. etc.!

The 2018 teams are already being formed, and we have begun putting teams together for Cup 2019. If you have the desire to play internationally, have the heart to give it all, have social skills that are second to none and are a talented lacrosse athlete – whether in college or high school,  contact us!  We want the best BUT we want the best in attitude AND athletic ability.

What if I don’t play lacrosse? Can I still travel on the Cup Trip?


We allow friends & non-family of Cup Athletes, as well as lacrosse fans, and anyone who wishes to go on this adventure and travel with us (of course, anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an Adult)!

Why? Well, we had quite a few past Cup parents ask if they could travel again with us because they enjoyed the trip so much! In fact, they still have a desire to watch some games, but plan on spending the majority of their time trekking across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and even England. So, if this sounds like you, and you have a great attitude along with social skills please contact us by email so we can get you onboard!