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We have compiled a team of college coaches and professional teachers from across America and Europe in which each has a specialty in the game of fastpitch softball.  This video program provides solid, professional advice for athletes and parents alike.

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Coaching Overview Details:

What should a player expect from.
 a summer coach?
– What should a parent expect from a summer coach?
– Would you advice a summer coach to meet with with the athlete parents and what would you recommend a coach say to parents prior to the season beginning?
– What does a summer practice look like when prepping for a summer team practice?
– How do you set up a practice where everyone is busy?
– What if a summer coach doesn’t know a particular discipline?  i.e., pitching, hitting techniques. etc.?
– What kind of damage can a summer coach do to an athlete in teaching them something they don’t know?
– What is your idea of what a summer coach should leave with every player at the end of a practice?
– What do you think of bad acting coaches?
– As a coach, can you tell if an athlete hasn’t practiced?  
– What are the tips you would give summer coaches on athletes that show they’ve not practiced?
– What are your thoughts on summer coaches and individual practice thoughts?
– Should every athlete on a summer team get playing time?
– What should a summer coach do when there is a parent that
a) is trying to coach their child from the bleachers?
b) is giving other children instruction from the bleachers?
c) is talking badly to other parents about the coaches or team?
d) inciting a violent or hate-like atmosphere?


– How to teach proper throwing?
– How to generating overhand throwing speed, what are the drills to make this happen?
– How to field and throw accurately with high-velocity?
– Is there such a thing that an athlete simply cannot ‘throw’ well?  What do you do with those?

Bat Detail

– What size bat should an athlete use?
– What ‘brand’ of bat are your girls seeing success with?
– How to gain bat speed?
– How to generate HR swings?
– What is the proper grip of the bat?

Fielding Detail

– What does fielding a ground ball look like?
– What is the most common bad habit you see in athletes fielding a ball?
– What does catching a fly ball look like?
– Is there foot-work that’s important when a fielder is throwing?

Catching Detail

– What is the proper technique in catching?
– What is the most common bad habit you see in catchers?
– What are the details in decreasing POP time?
– How can catchers be better field generals?
– What is the catcher responsible for?
– Prior to an inning what does a catcher need to know?
– Where should the catcher squat in the catching box?
– What should the catcher do to decrease a pitchers effort?

Position Detail

– What are the responsibilities of outfielders?
– What do you look for in OF throwing strength?
– What exactly are the OF athletes in charge of?
– What should 1B athletes look like defensively?
– What should 2B athletes look like defensively?
– What should 3B athletes look like defensively?
– How is the SS in charge and ‘exactly’ what they are in charge of?

Home Work

– What does ‘at home’ off season practice look like as a hitter?
– What does ‘at home’ off season practice look like as a slapper/dragger?
– What is the responsibility of a parent for their child’s ‘home-work’?
– What does ‘at home’ off season practice look like for those who need to increase foot speed?


– Why should righty athletes think turning lefty?
– Why is ‘Tee” work important and what does it teach?
– What should hitters expect out of their instructor?
– Should hitters change instructors and why?
– What is the perfect ‘set-up’ when an athlete enters the batters box prior to hitting?
– What should hitters be thinking when on-deck?
– Should hitters move to different spots in the batters box?
– What is the most ideal spot to be in the box and why?
– What are some of the biggest flaws you see in youth hitting?
– What is your advice when a hitter is in a slump?


– Should pitchers pitch year round?
– What should a family expect out of a pitching instructor?
– Should pitchers change instructors and why?
– Should pitchers look to grow speed?
– What are some off-season tricks used to increase speed?
– When should pitchers incorporate junk in their repertoire?
– Which is the 1st pitch an athlete should learn?
– What are some of the biggest flaws you see in pitchers?


– When should athletes begin to go to camps?
– With all the costs of camps, which ones are the important ones?
– Do camps – as a collegiate coach – give you a barometer of athletes you want to look at for your future teams?
– What do you look at when you have athletes in your camp?
– Are your camps for instruction or for seeing skill-sets of athletes for the potential of recruiting?


– Should a player play another sport off season and why?
– What kind of downtime does an athlete need from softball?
– What puts a softball athlete ‘behind’ in their development?
– When do you like to see videos of athletes?
– What do you to see in a video?