Where is the Revolution event held?
the Netherlands, in Schiedam (a town near Rotterdam).

Why the Netherlands?
The Netherlands is where high level soccer is played, just like most countries in Europe.  They play at a unparalleled level compared to the US and Canada.  So, we’re there to learn!

What is this about?
We are looking for individuals to weave into our host’s programs.  We’ll practice, gain knowledge on techniques from professional instructors.  We will have game-like situations in which our athletes will be playing side by side their European counterparts.  Our goal is to have OUR athletes get the feel for what it takes to play at the higher levels of the game!

Our Athlete Search

We are looking for GREAT, responsible young men and women. We are NOT going to purposely take those that have drama, cause trouble or otherwise want to but the  normalcy of traveling in a youth group!  All will be chaperoned and we will welcome parents to come aboard.

Do you have a listing of references?
We have both player and parent references available.  We have done sport events in this same area nearly 25 years and have 1000’s of references.

Where are the Revolution athletes from?
We are searching for athletes from all over the United States and Canada.

What is the cost?
Cost for Revolution 2020 is $3870 per traveler.

What does this fee cover?
*Roundtrip airfare from the “gateway” airport to Amsterdam, returning from Paris
*Airport/hotel transfers coinciding with our itinerary
*Four star hotel accommodations in Rotterdam & Paris
*Hotel breakfasts
*Transportation from Rotterdam to Paris
*3-Day Rotterdam tram pass
*2-Day Paris Metro pass
*One Jersey and a jacket for players
*Federation’s fees and taxes
*Sponsorship raffle tickets

Are there fundraisers?
For years we have advised athletes on how to raise up to 70% of the cost of the trip.   These are fast earners.  With desire, this CAN work.  The goal is to keep the parent out of pocket to zero!


What is the installment program?

There is an installment program is for Cup 2020.  Depending on when you register in the year, we can offer up to an 8 to 10 installment payment option plan which must conclude on the 15th of November.  Please contact us if you have questions about this option to discuss your situation


What is NOT covered in the Cup fee?
We don’t pay for lunch, dinner, shopping, and tour events.  Lunch and dinner can be budgeted in the $150 range for the whole trip.


Can we back out?
Prior to your April 15th Deposit, you can back out at any time. After your first deposit, each option plan contains different refund policies, please contact us in regards to these options. Each traveler is also urged to sign up for a trip insurance policy, we can direct you to some agencies that provide this service.


Are parents and/or family allowed to go?
Our last travel event,  we had in excess of 100, inclusive of grandparents, siblings, etc!


Where is the ‘staff’ from?
The staff comes from  Tampa, Florida by way of Brazil…his name is Danilo Felix.


Will we be informed about passports?
You’ll be well informed of how to go about getting a passport.

What is our rooming situation?
Parents/Guardians traveling with athletes will room together, otherwise it will be athletes with athletes.

Is this Educational?
This trip is actually a history, culture and some social trip way more than just a soccer event. Look at it this way:

We leave on a Wednesday and return on a Wednesday:

On the Wednesday departure day, you can go to school

Thursday (the arrival day) while your classmates are in school, we are learning and touring in the Netherlands – learning! JUST like your class mates!

Friday, while your friends are in school, we are learning some serious history in Amsterdam, headed to Anne Frank’s home just for starters

Friday night when school’s out back home, we’re playing!

Saturday when school’s out, we’re playing!

Sunday when school’s out, we’re playing – then headed to Paris

Monday is Martin Luther Kings day – and your friends are sleeping in – We are touring Paris, Notre Dame, the Louvre – more learning!

Tuesday when school is back in session back home, we are still touring Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, yep, they’re learning and we are too.

Wednesday when your friends are in school, we are still learning as we are not only in Paris but we are also headed home

As you can see, we Really take serious the education of our athletes. We are learning first hand. We are only playing when school is out of session, fact is we are learning while school is out on MLK day! Bottom line, this is hugely an educational trip/history trip first behind it our athletes learn BIG time on the soccer front.

Won’t I miss school?
Yes, but even though we’re gone 8 days and 7 nights – you will only have to miss Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday as generally we play over Martin Luther King Weekend – which means for the American’s they’re out of school.

Isn’t this during exams?
In most cases this is during exams – provisions made with the administration well before hand has never kept an athlete from going to the Cup.  In almost 25 years, we’ve NEVER had a school say no to this.

What if I don’t play soccer? Can I still travel on The Cup trip?

We allow friends & non-family of Cup Athletes, as well as past Revolution  members, soccer fans, and anyone who wishes to go on this adventure and travel with us (of course, anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult)!

We’ve had quite a few past Revolution parents ask if they could travel with us again because they enjoyed the trip so much! In fact, they still have a desire to watch some games, but plan on spending the majority of their time trekking across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and even England. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy and you have a great attitude and get along well with others, please contact us by email so we can get you on board!