Queen of Diamonds Futures

For Elite Athletes Grades 4-8

Kent State University January 7th – 9:00am to 3:00pm

Launching a brand new event called the Queen of Diamond’s Futures. This event is specifically for Elite athletes in a 10 state region and Ontario that are currently in Grades 4 through 8. This event is especially designed to educate and improve Fastpitch softball talent through a series of objective tests that will highlight strengths and areas of opportunity.

There is a limit of 30 pitchers and 30 catchers, otherwise we are looking for the most elite athlete in all positions.

Athletes will get:

*Instruction and feedback by college coaches on softball skills
*Educational information about the recruiting process
*Mental training techniques to help improve performance
*Live pitching and hitting
*Skill assessment through objective testing with instruction and feedback

College coaches want power hitters, speedy athletes, athletes with great arms, defensive gems, bat speed and explosive potential. Every athlete has at least one skill set that is exceptional. Every college coach looks for something specific to fill their rosters year after year.

Our equipment will show you your strengths and weaknesses and you will leave knowing what you may need to work on and what strengths that might match with a college coach’s needs! Nearly 4 hours of education!

* Use of electronic equipment not driven by manual input

* Laser

* Doppler Radar

* Explosiveness test devices

* Quickness devices, etc.

All devices are utilized by top athletes in the world!

This is a first of its kind event that the Elite Athlete will want to be a part of. Whether your dream is NCAA D1 or you want to be on top of a D2 or D3 list, this education of your skills will let you know where you sit AND will be a marketable tool to any University you might have your eye on.

This event is open to any and all entrants who are in 4th through 8th grades.

This education and evaluation will get you to your dream faster!

It’s important to point out that the Queen of Diamonds events have no affiliation with any University. Athletes wishing to attend a camp at any Queen of Diamond setting must contact the University for inquires.

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