We are on YOUR side. Our goal is help get the right information to athletes in order to help them become the best players they can so that you can build a team at the top of your league year in and year out.

We began the Queen of Diamonds Showcase Events nearly 30 years ago in hopes to satisfy the following issues:

  • We are not in favor of marketing companies charging $3000 per family to market athletes. There HAD to be a better way.

  • There are families that simply need a strategy and direction, which we can give them for less than 10% of a marketing company fee AND they have us for life.

  • We wanted a system where an athlete is selected for our events and they have us as a resource for questions and advice for their entire career.

  • We wanted a way to give athletes that have little OR no financial resources to be able to use our staff and events as a a venue and think tank to fulfill their dream.

  • We wanted to put in place a process whereby an athlete actually knows they have D1 ability OR needs to move to D2, D3 or NAIA, NJCAA. This requires the family to review an extensive criteria list we’ve assembled and the level of talent their daughter has in regards to fastpitch skills and desire, as well as academics.

  • We wanted a package of information so our selected athletes were more exactly pointed to a university that suits them. We don’t like ANYONE wasting others time and we don’t think our athletes should be wasting THEIR time in marketing themselves to the wrong ‘fit’.

  • We wanted to give our athletes tools for them to be MORE satisfied during their University search; listing questions to pose to coaches (on visits) that makes EVERYTHING clear for the student and their family.

We are a team of 6 staff that own and manage the newly developed iQ Fastpitch Testing Combine, TheQSport, the Queen of Diamond’s events in America and the Cup held in Europe. We have been involved in Fastpitch for over 30 years. Two of our staff played D1 Fastpitch on full scholarship, 1 went on to play professionally in America, the other in Europe and 1 has coached at the National level in Europe. We have high level achievers on our staff that have experienced and understand what these athletes and families need. Our team also owns the rights to the Cup held in the Netherlands. Fortunately for my wife and I, our girls and son-in-law’s own quite a few non-softball businesses in both America and Asia, so we are fortunately connected in our businesses throughout each day. Though THIS hobby takes more time than it should – we love helping!

We all feel a significant need to work hard at assisting other families at any hour of the day, on any technology, to assist them in fulfilling their dreams! So, once you’re a Queen of Diamond’s athlete..you can rely on us ‘til you a) sign your scholarship, or b) graduate and start working at Arbys!  🙂

A few disclaimers:

Do know that though we preach about NOT sending emails to college coaches when you KNOW there’s no fit.  Some athletes/families CONTINUE to think they can play at an elite level and that MAYBE tomorrow their talent will rocket up the ladder!

Do know that we do NOT tell these athletes to write everyone in the region. We tell them to research academics and if they see a fit — THEN write.  Sadly, many think they fit EVERYWHERE.

We give them bullet points to write about these things:

In the first bit of their writing, write a convincing argument for the reader to read on.

1st paragraph – outline their strengths and what they can do for you

2nd paragraph – keep it short and let you know where they sit academically

3rd paragraph – where a coach can see them

We do NOT advise them to share their life story or elaborate on elements of their game or tell stories of their last at bats.