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Lacrosse joins our fastpitch teams in Europe

The past 18 years have brought many changes to the The Cup Fastpitch International Championship. In 2016, another evolution will take place with the addition of The Cup Lacrosse International Championship.

Together, with our Friends/First Class Staff in the Netherlands, we have seen huge growth in the sport of fastpitch over the last 14 years, and we're thankful the Fastpitch Cup has been a part of this growth! Growing the sport and impacting lives has been the goal from the beginning. Our hope/goal for lacrosse is the same! Together with our New/Current Staff in the USA and the Netherlands, we are busy preparing for our first Lacrosse International Championship!

The 2016 teams are already being formed, and we have begun putting teams together for Cup 2017. If you have the desire to play internationally, have the heart to give it all, have social skills that are second to none and are a talented lacrosse athlete - whether in college or high school,  contact us!  We want the best BUT we want the best in attitude AND athletic ability.

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iQ Fastpitch being redesigned

We are currently in the process of redesigning iQ Fastpitch. More information will be posted in the coming months.

iQ Fastpitch is a Physical Test combined with a Mental Toughness Profile. It has been designed athletes from all organizations across the country.